Candles For Car Guys

Candles For Car Guys

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We get it…

You love cars, so do we. But that doesn’t mean you and your place have to smell like it. We aren’t saying a simple candle can change your life...but it will.

Here at The Fuel House we spent pain staking hours perfecting our scents to both mimic the vehicles they are modeled after, as well as please the nose.

Even if you hate candles…trust us you will love these!

The Stingray -

Smells like: Time to take off the work boots, enjoy a fresh shave at the barber, and enjoy the crisp/clean smell of success. You owe it to yourself to take that ole Stingray out tonight.

The Nomad Wagon -

Smells like: The smell of surfboard wax and burnouts was exactly what this car was designed for. You just got the old girl out of the paint shop and its time to enjoy the sounds of a V8, plenty of room, and miles of open road,

The Fox Body -

Smells like: A class ring, Friday night lights, and if you were lucky enough, the 1988 Mustang that made you the envy of your 5th hour shop class. “Noir” cologne, burnouts, hormones, and cruising the strip on a Friday night.

The Square Body -

Smells like: Your favorite mesh back hat, a lined flannel jacket & and a vintage cooler full of beer in the bed. Ready for a weekend of tailgating & bonfires, with your gal by your side.

The Suburban -

Smells like: Those epic family road trips…early starts, misty road trips, national parks, and fresh air. It’s the smell of freedom, being on the open road and being thankful you are not stuck in the 3rd row (back facing) seat of moms station wagon.

The Jag -

Smells like: A class ring, Friday blend of whiskey, tobacco, leather, high octane gas, and the rich mahogany wood that will remind you of the first time you enjoyed getting a little light headed while riding shotgun

The MiniBus -

Smells like: Living on good vibes, free love, patchouli, that earth wet dirt smell, plenty of what G’pa called “whacky tobacky” and a box of rain. Plus a lot of ………”If we have to explain, you won’t understand”

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