“A Country Club for Car Enthusiasts”

Members of TFH come from a large variety of backgrounds, ranging from business owners to skilled artists and everything in-between. Though our members can be very diverse, the bond that everyone shares is common. That bond is the love of cars, coffee, and collaboration…

(oh and we also enjoy a fine drink, music and art).


Annual Memberships

TFH has a very limited number of annual memberships available. This limited number ensures that TFH remains a place were our members can come to relax,meet,work, without the hustle of the outside world. Our members enjoy perks well beyond networking with fellow automotive enthusiasts. Such as…

  • Private Lounge Access

  • Automotive Lift Access

  • Monthly / Weekly Events

  • Event space rental discounts

  • Indoor automotive wash area

  • On-site barber shop discounts

  • On-site auto detailing discounts

  • Automotive installation assistance

  • On-site private 24hr Gym (coming soon)

  • Discounts at "Friends of TFH" merchants

  • Short term lease options of exotic / iconic autos (coming soon)

12 Month Memberships
from 2,400.00
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Garage Spaces

If you are like most of us “car people” you will never have enough room. Here at TFH we went beyond the box, and created an indoor garage community.

So instead of being alone, here you can work on your ride, help the guy a stall over, or just enjoy being surrounded by like minded enthusiasts.

Premium Garage Space 600sq ft (1- Remaining)
Standard Garage Space 360 sq ft (3- Remaining)


Long Term Storage

TFH does have a handful of storage spaces for those wanting more long term solutions, with limited access.

These spaces are not subject to standard membership terms, however we have a mix of HVAC and none climate controlled areas.