2011 Audi R8 Spyder V10 750hp Supercharged

2011 Audi R8 Spyder V10 750hp Supercharged


MILES: 52,000
STATUS: Sold (Via The Fuel House)

Let’s be honest, ever since Tony blazed out of the office of Stark Industries in Iron Man 2 in a drop top Audi R8…chances are you were like us and wanted one. Serious who doesn’t want to be Tony Stark?

However Tony would have been 100% jealous of this car, and its tasteful modifications. Over $50,000 has been spent on the perfect modifications to enhance this already amazing car. Both in the looks department as well as what we all love…HORSEPOWER!

Supercharger System
Exhaust System
Coil Overs (no more air ride failures)
Forged wheels (stock wheels also included)
Grill, Steering Wheel, Tinted Tails

So with all of those above items listed, to replicate this car a person would have to find a R8, V10, Convertible, 6speed for just $30,000…and then add these modifications. Or they can save the hassle, and snag this car for a great price, turn the key, and start enjoying.

Just don’t blame us if you get asked if people can take a photo with it at cars and coffee, since a large number of car enthusiasts realize the rarity of this car…

V10 (Rare)
Convertible (Even more rare)
Gated 6 Speed Manual (Full Blown Unicorn Status)

Ready to drop the top and listen to that V-10 sing?
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