1965 Shelby Cobra CSX Aluminum Body 427 FE

1965 Shelby Cobra CSX Aluminum Body 427 FE


VIN: CSX4238
MILES: 687
STATUS: For Sale By Owner (Via The Fuel House)

Iconic American automotive history right here…

There are cars that beauty and soul will stand the test of time and the real-deal big block Shebly is one of them. This iconic Cobra checks off all the boxes that makes it a legend…

  • Big Block 427 Side Oiler under the bonnet

  • Top Loader 4 speed

  • Iconic aluminum body that has never been painted

  • Documented in the registry

This snake is one of the more pure and raw driving experiences on planet earth. As soon as you sit in the seat, flick the key to light that big block, you are instantly transported back in time. When they were driven by men that became legends as much as the cars themselves.

This specific car had a history all over the world before a tire ever touched the ground. The stunning aluminum body was formed in an aircraft facility in Poland before being shipped to Kirkham in Provo, UT. Final assembly was done by Jim and Brian Pyle and most importantly the examination by Carroll Shelby himself. Giving this world traveler its Certificate of Origin and CSX serial number.

The Fuel House is aiding in the sale of this amazing Cobra for its owner so that soon it can either grace another collection or wander the streets to the next cruise night. For more information please contact us by clicking HERE.

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